run4NJ is a run through New Jersey to raise awareness for Hurricane Sandy relief & rebuilding efforts

About Run4NJ

My name is Ed Kloskowski. I started Run4NJ as a way spreading the word about what I am planning to do as a way of giving something personal to friends, family, neighbors who have been hurt by Hurricane Sandy. You can reach me here:

I will be running the State of New Jersey  - Lengthwise, from the top to the bottom. I will start at Highpoint State park in the very north-western part of the state and run down the state to Cape May, at the coast. A distance of 220 miles. Stopping only long enough to recover and then pressing on.

From November 16th – 19th. Averaging about 70 miles per day. You can see the details of the route here.

I decided to do this because like many others I felt compelled to act. To do something tangible and help out. I’m lucky enough to be able to do something like this.

The goals are simple:

1. Raising awareness to the continuing relief and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey after the storm that took so much away

2. Driving contributions to those organizations that are helping by providing relief and rebuilding resources

3. Giving thanks for what we still have – each other. And a strong State where we stand by each other

Run4NJ doesn’t only have to be about me and  - I encourage you  do a run or walk also. Maybe there is a race or an event you can target for fundraising. If I can help you reach out and together we’ll see what we can do.

Run4NJ Contact

Ed Kloskowski 609-259-0927 hm 484-343-2976 cell

Doing Something

Here on the east Coast in New Jersey the significance of the storm can’t be understated. But such widespread destruction has a numbing effect....