run4NJ is a run through New Jersey to raise awareness for Hurricane Sandy relief & rebuilding efforts


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Wow, what work! I have no right to complain about how challenging it can be set this whole thing up, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. I am sure that the 250+ homeowners in Sayreville who have no home to go back to would gladly trade place with me though.

Yesterday we (Kerry, Jay, & Alison) all spent the day up at the Sayreville relief donation center volunteering. They need your help if you have the time. It’s haeart warming to see what is happening out there:

  • A Surburban from North Carolina pulled up with a load of donations
  • A mover finished his work, drove him and his crew there, and worked the rest of the day!
  • Local residents and school kids pitching in
  • 2 school busses from another town FULL of supplies pulled in
  • Home depot FILLED a large garage with donations

So me complaining about getting a fund raising site going and spreading the word is just silly. Actually I should be thankful – I remember working on web pages 15 years ago and the difference between technology then and now is night and day. Even with it being a challenge it is totally doable.

Please go to to facebook page and give us a “LIKE”

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Run4NJ Contact

Ed Kloskowski 609-259-0927 hm 484-343-2976 cell

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