run4NJ is a run through New Jersey to raise awareness for Hurricane Sandy relief & rebuilding efforts

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I’m ready for bed

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16th November

It’s been a long night. The best laid plans!

Ready for bed three hours ago, but Facebook and mapmyrun had other ideas about that… the upside is I scored a beer and a Philly soft pretzel (carb loading

I got SO much support today its unbelievable!

The day started with a 5 AM wakeup call and news show interview live.  That was a good experience. Work all day – came home, finished packing. Had Loads of calls: Villanova PR dept, NJ State trooper, Rebecca from Highpoint State park, family…. And the donations! Holy Crow! everyone is helping. I thank you all.

I will Honor your spirit and run with all of you in mind.

I dont expect it to be easy. until today I wasn’t even nervous, but I think the reality is finally settled and I have butterflies. Its time to rest … Read More »

Catching on

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13th November

Yesterday and today have been encouraging. The effort seems to be getting attention and the word is being spread.  Thanks you all for sharing the links and donations pages! you know who you are and YOU ROCK!!

So far:

The Home News – Tribune has contacted me – they plan to do a photo shot and article
A Cable news show – they plan to meet me in Sayreville to do an interview
Messenger Press – article

The donations are starting to come in as well! over $600 and well towards our goal.

Lining up logistics are still a challenge, but slowly coming together. Things like driving the van, finding a place to sleep, what towns I will be in when, spreading the word to towns and newspapers as I get close, etc… so much to do!

It is exciting though and continues to impress me with how … Read More »


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11th November

Wow, what work! I have no right to complain about how challenging it can be set this whole thing up, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. I am sure that the 250+ homeowners in Sayreville who have no home to go back to would gladly trade place with me though.

Yesterday we (Kerry, Jay, & Alison) all spent the day up at the Sayreville relief donation center volunteering. They need your help if you have the time. It’s haeart warming to see what is happening out there:

A Surburban from North Carolina pulled up with a load of donations
A mover finished his work, drove him and his crew there, and worked the rest of the day!
Local residents and school kids pitching in
2 school busses from another town FULL of supplies pulled in
Home depot FILLED a large garage with donations

So me complaining about getting … Read More »


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9th November

I have been only been planning this for a week or so now. So there is TONS of stuff to do!

Logistics aside the work to connect with media outlets, get the word out, connect with charitable sites and get a donation mechanics going have been a challenge.

Yesterday I was able to get some help to get a Facebook page going, get the paperwork for Architecture for Humanity, and find a good fundraising portal to link to so I can collect donations and funnel them to the right organizations.


Yesterday we also lost power and had to clear out over a foot of snow!

WE are a week away from the first steps now.


Election Day

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7th November

I’ve gotten mixed reactions from people when I tell them I am doing this. Folks I expect will be jazzed by it are kind of flat, and folks I have expected to be flat about it are jazzed. Interesting mix.

So Far my boss (whose name is Sandy!) gave me clearance for the time off. I spoke with a neighbor, friend and local politician Steve Alexander (the world needs more guys like this, a true patriot). Steve can get me in touch with media outlets. I’ve time off work. I can run long distances. What can go wrong?

This has been an interesting decision. Its been really hard to get started mainly because I don’t know where to begin!

I know where the end point is – somewhere in Cap May with tired legs and sore feet. Thats easy. I know where to … Read More »

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Doing Something

Here on the east Coast in New Jersey the significance of the storm can’t be understated. But such widespread destruction has a numbing effect....